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Hand Built Kitchen Cabinets

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For the craftsmen at Superior Woodcraft, the past few weeks have been busy working on the 60 Bragg Hill project.  While the careful planning and design for the kitchen took a year in devleopment, just last month they focused their full production staff on our kitchen.

Much has been said on this web site about the quality and craftsmanship of Superior Woodcraft’s kitchens, but you can’t really appreciate the quality and care that goes into each cabinet until you see them being made for yourself.  Patrick Kennedy, Vice President of Superior Woodcraft opened his doors for us to document how 60 Bragg Hill’s kitchen cabinets were made.  Every cabinet in our kitchen—about 30 of them—is comprised of dozens of hand made parts including doors, hinges, shelves, dividers, pull-outs, etc.  In all, there are over 1,000 peices that had to be precision cut to the exact specifacations of our design, hand sanded, painted, finished, checked, assembled, tested, and checked again.  As part of Superior’s commitment to quality, a comprehensive, technical shop document followed each cabinet through the entire fabrication process.

We got a chance to talk with the craftsmen, watch the deliberate and precise hand fabrication of each cabinet.  The entire team, many of them have worked for Superior for over a generation, worked diligently and with enthusiasm.  It’s clear that they love what they do.  It shows.

View a slideshow of additional photos of the Superior Woodcraft team in action.