Plasma cutting steel staircase Tung oil applied on trim woodwwork Floors milled from site grown trees Septic field restoration Reflecting afternoon sun Birth of a barn on Bragg Hill Radiant floors Solar panel installation Capping off the chimney Proud shape emerges on the hilltop Pumping concrete into the three gables Forming 12x12 Gables Delivering concrete from the sky Parallam beam positioning Flying flitch beam ICF window framing Precision concrete placement Lower level ICF fabrication Newly excavated driveway Finishing garage deck concrete Pouring concrete footers Rebar safety caps Surveying the construction site Checking out the excavation equipment Rapid soil stabilization Testing the soils for drainage Taking Solar Pathfinder measurements Milling downed trees onsite View to the Southeast over the Benzel Family Trust Future meadow to be cultivated Taking a stroll on Bragg Hill Road

Moving a Mountain

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The 60 Bragg Hill project was given special permission by Pocopson Township and the Chester County Conservation District to start to excavate a portion of our lower driveway area.  As long as we kept the disturbance to less than an acre, we could start to clear some of Bragg Hill to “carve” out an entrance way to our building site. The good news is that the thousands of yards of dirt we are required to remove are needed by local private and public construction projects.  During the first week of excavation more than 150 truckloads of clean fill were removed and transported to local construction projects.

This is a great example of smart, sustainable use of natural resources.  While we needed to clear out a mountain of top grade dirt, Pocopson Township needed the fill for a new recycling center.  In addition the local prison also needed the fill for its own special projects.  In both cases the 1,500 yards of fill were only transported within a mile or two of our site.