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Second Level Concrete Pour Complete

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Keeping to an aggressive construction schedule, the third major concrete pour was completed today.  44 cubic yards of concrete was required to fill the voids within the Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) that formed the second and main level of 60 Bragg Hill.  Fabricating the forms (concrete molds) for the second level was the most complex of the entire project.  Due to the enormous steel window wall, large garage and front door openings and a plethora of giant window frames, the construction required intense engineering, creativity and on site ingenuity.  The time consuming hard work is in the preparation of the Flexx Block foam forms and managing the integrity of all the various openings.  Once the forms are in place they are secured with temporary jacks, braces and other flying buttresses. That done, the concrete pour was straightforward.  It took about two hours.  The web of temporary support braces were removed the next day.

Top image: Mike Thompson is examining the fresh concrete within the ICFs assuring that the walls are straight and true. 

Bottom image:  Architect Matthew Moger is surveying the completion of the second level concrete pour.  Note the large window openings that require temporary bracing to secure their shape during the concrete pour.