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The End of Wall Clutter as we Know it

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Go ahead, count the number of light switches in your house…  I’ll wait.

If you live in a reasonably modern home built since electricity was invented, you probably have dozens of them.  Each one of those mechanical switches requires wiring, a box to house the switch and a hole in your wall and a plate to cover the hole in your wall.  Add modern conveniences such as digital thermostats, ceiling fans, timers, exterior lighting, alarm panels, home A/V systems and you start to realize how much of your wall space is cluttered with these ugly switches.  This wall rash or clutter can literally destroy your best efforts at maintaining your home’s order and interior design.  I’ve seen beautiful new homes with and kitchens, dens and dining rooms blemished with literally rows and rows of ugly switches.  Some of the wiring and switch configurations I’ve seen are so complicated that they have P-Touch lables under each switch to help the home owner identify its function. 

At 60 Bragg Hill, we’ve decided to do away with all of that.  Working with a team of expert consultants at Lutron, a Coopersburg, PA lighting control company and Rittenhouse Electric,  we found out that we can have all of our hard wired lighting switches hidden elsewhere in our home while having complete control and convenience of our embedded technologies. Using Lutron’s RadioRA® 2 wireless control lighting system,  all of the lighting controls will be controlled by a simple, single touch pad, one in each room.  We can even control our HVAC, music systems and just about anything else with an iPhone or iPad, or from our car.  Pretty cool.  More than that, we’ve recovered precious wall space for more important things like artwork, family photos, or just nothing at all.

The photo is of Joe Scarcelli, our electrian from Pusey Electric hard wiring the myriad switches in our mechanical room.  Joe is wiring 30 switches and ligting controls that won’t be seen in our walls.