Plasma cutting steel staircase Tung oil applied on trim woodwwork Floors milled from site grown trees Septic field restoration Reflecting afternoon sun Birth of a barn on Bragg Hill Radiant floors Solar panel installation Capping off the chimney Proud shape emerges on the hilltop Pumping concrete into the three gables Forming 12x12 Gables Delivering concrete from the sky Parallam beam positioning Flying flitch beam ICF window framing Precision concrete placement Lower level ICF fabrication Newly excavated driveway Finishing garage deck concrete Pouring concrete footers Rebar safety caps Surveying the construction site Checking out the excavation equipment Rapid soil stabilization Testing the soils for drainage Taking Solar Pathfinder measurements Milling downed trees onsite View to the Southeast over the Benzel Family Trust Future meadow to be cultivated Taking a stroll on Bragg Hill Road

Week of October 2nd, 2011

Wolfe & Hale Architectural Millwork • Custom Cabinetry

Bob and Tom Hale, third generation builders hand fabricating custom furniture for 60 Bragg Hill using vintage wood.

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Week of September 4th, 2011

Custom Steel Staircase

Turning flat steel sheets into a custom floating staircase is no easy task.  O’Rourke & Sons structural and ornamental steel fabricators were up to the task.

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Week of August 28th, 2011

Kitchen Cabinet Fabrication

Superior Woodcraft hand built each of the cabinets for our kitchen.

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Week of August 7th, 2011

Drywall Installation

Over 18,000 square feet of drywall was used at 60 Bragg Hill.  Most of it overhead.

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Week of June 26th, 2011

Exterior Surfaces Reveal true Barn Character

Now that the metal seam roof is installed, the various textures and surfaces of the home are applied.  Alas, a Chester County barn.

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Week of May 29th, 2011

Solar Panel Installation

Once all of the materials were in place and the support structure built,  the installation of the 43 solar panels took just a few days.

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Week of April 24th, 2011

Late afternoon light

With the scaffolding removed, the beautiful chimney and outdoor fireplace are revealed.

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Week of April 17th, 2011

Window Installation Begins

Starting with the upper level, the Thompson team began to install the many Marvin windows, including the massive window in the sleeping room.

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Week of March 13th, 2011

Installing Structural Panels - Day 2

The second day of the two day marathon installing the Structural Insulated Panels.

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Installing Structural Panels - Day 1

The first of a two day marathon installing the Structural Insulated Panels.

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Week of February 27th, 2011

Approaching Storm

Typical of the winter of 2010-11, weather played a major role on the project schedule.  Here on a quiet Saturday,just after the delivery of the structural insulated panels, an approaching storm looms on the horizon.

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Sunset at Bragg Hill

We all know it is trite to photograph sunsets.  In this case, the images rewarded everyone who was involved with the careful planning and site orientation of the house and its windows.

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Week of February 20th, 2011

Gables filled with concrete - a high wire act

Follow the action on the last of the ICF pours.  Filling the three ICF gables with concrete was a high wire act requiring precision teamwork.

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Week of February 13th, 2011

Final gable build prior to the last ICF pour

Basking in the unusual warm weather, the Thompson Builder’s team finishes forming the last gable prior to tomorrow morning’s concrete pour.

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ICF Gable Fabrication

The ICF phase is coming to an end.  These photos document the high wire act of making 12x12 pitch gables out of foam and rebar.

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Week of February 6th, 2011

Upper Level ICF concrete pour

Follow the action as 44 yards of concrete are infused into the upper level Insulated Concrete Forms.

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Week of January 30th, 2011

A break in the weather—ICF buildup continues

Little time was wasted between winter storms fabricating the concrete forms that define the upper level.  Note the enormous window frame facing the adjacent farmland to the east.

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Week of January 23rd, 2011

A Harsh Winter

Weekly snow storms have amassed many feet of snow on the region making the working conditions harsh.  Yet the exterior work continues on schedule (for the most part).

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Week of January 16th, 2011

Main level interior space revealed

With the installation of the deck above the main level, the scale of the interior spaces are revealed.

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Week of January 9th, 2011

Structural Support Beams Installed

Months to engineer, design and fabricate.  One hour to install.  These images document the power and grace of good teamwork and big tools.

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Week of January 2nd, 2011

Main level structural framing

Overhead beams and key structural framing went in to full swing today defining primary living spaces.

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Week of December 19th, 2010

A study of light during the sortest day of the year

Winter solstice, 2011—high noon.  How do the light and shadows behave during the exact moment of winter solstice?

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Week of December 12th, 2010

Work progresses despite brutal cold temperatures

Progress continues fabricating the ICFs on the main level.  The weather is dismal and dangerously cold.  Our vizslas don’t mind at all.  They love playing with the ICF foam remnants.

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Week of December 5th, 2010

Sparks Fly Making the Window Wall Frame

Drew Bauer performs a high wire act as he welds the steel frame for the large window wall on the western face of the home.

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Week of November 7th, 2010

Revised 3D Renderings

Moger • Mehrhof Architects just completed a new set of 3D renderings of 60 Bragg Hill.  This new set is more accurate with updated surface textures, higher resolution and enhanced lighting.

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Lower Level Concrete Pour Complete

An army of concrete trucks descended on Bragg Hill today for the first of three ICF pours.  The lower level poor was complete in about 6 hours.  This time sensitive event requires intense concentration and attention to detail from everyone on site.

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Week of October 31st, 2010

Buildout of the Lower Level ICFs

Once the footers are set, the fabrication of the ICF walls happen quickly, at least it appears that way.  There is significant detail work performed to stabilize and support the foam walls in preparation for the many tons of concrete that will fill them.

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Week of October 24th, 2010

Milling an old oak tree for Bragg Hill Lumber

At our exiting home, a massive 100 year old oak tree was dying.  It required to be cut down lest it fall on our house.  Here is the visual story of how we milled the old tree on site into useful lumber for 60 Bragg Hill.

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